Custom Concrete Surfaces - Staining, Engraving, Epoxy Coatings, Cleaning, Resurfacingconcrete services


Resurfacing of new and existing concrete. This makes the concrete cooler, more attractive and longer lasting.

Pool Decks

We can transform your pool deck to complement your lifestyle and increase your enjoyment of your outdoor living space. We can utilize staining, sealing, and resurfacing to transform your pool deck.

Epoxy Coating

We do epoxy coatings for both commercial and residential settings. Epoxy coatings can rejuvenate existing concrete surfaces.


Staining and engraving concrete can be done on both interior and exterior surfaces. Add color and shine to your concrete floor.

Cleaning and Sealing

We can clean and seal your pre-existing concrete floor, driveway, patio or pool deck. This revives your concrete surface and improves visual appeal and usability.

Grinding and Coating Removal

We can grind and remove old coatings on your pre-existing concrete surface.

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